Underwater photography

Underwater camera – Underwater camera housing – underwater lighting – underwater anti-vibration – Underwater photography accessories

What .. Will I need all this equipment??

This will cost me a lot of money ..

Come to think about the topic .. What must be added to your equipment for photography in order to move to underwater photography ..?

What do you want from underwater photography ..?

Is it just a hobby .. and you have the desire to take some wonderful photos with family and friends underwater ..?

Or .. you have the desire to do a commercial project to make money from underwater photography ..?

Or .. underwater photography for the purpose of scientific research ..?

We will start from the easiest and simplest degree .. namely:

You love taking pictures … and you want to transfer this love under the water

Here .. you need a protected camera dedicated to underwater photography .. It is easy cameras with one button and easy adjustment

1 . One button underwater camera

This type of great camera has many specifications and gives really amazing results. And you have a lot of options … for example

Outdoor Sport Action Mini Underwater Camera 

Outdoor Sport Action Mini Underwater Camera 


1) waterproof housing, allowing you to shoot stunning water sports; water depth of 30 meters in water

2), high-definition screen display and playback recorded fascinating movie

3) removable battery, it is easy to replace and extend the life of the camera

4) video, while charging record

5) mini underwater camera

6) supported memory card, up to 32GB maximum (no include)

7) a variety of video recording formats: 1080P, 720P, WVGA8), MOV format Record

All these wonderful specifications $ 22.09 

Winait full hd 1080p under water 30 meter wearable action camera

Winait full hd 1080p under water 30 meter wearable action camera

Winait full hd 1080p waterproof digital sports video camera, anti drop, anti dust, under water 30 meter wearable action camera

Now at Phoclousto $ 69.49

see more about this amazing underwater camera click here

Underwater Sunglass Camera 

Underwater Sunglass Camera 

* Main Functions: Record video under water, USB drive.Net Weight:0.22kg

* Memory: Support TF card, Up to 32GB
* Video : AVI format,1280*960@30fps
* Battery type : Lithium-ion, 360 MA
* Battery recording time : about 70 minutes* USB: 2.0 (Hs)
* Operation systems: Windows ME/ 2000/ XP/ Vista or above

NOW on sale … You can get it with $ 110.85 shop now

But I have an action camera and I like it, but I am not sure it works under water .. I tried it in the rain, as for underwater, I am not sure ..

2 . Underwater action camera housing

No problem at all .. you can protect it and take it with you ..

60m Underwater Case for Gopro Hero 8 Black has the solution

60m Underwater Case for Gopro Hero 8 Black has the solution
The waterproof case lens is made of tempered glass.
The light transmittance is up to 99%.
The button and screw of the waterproof case are made of
316 stainless steel, which has good corrosion resistance.
The waterproof case is 60m/196.85ft waterproof, can meet
the user’s need of snorkeling, Deep dive, Swimming,
Surfing and so on. The case protects the camera’s lens.
Allows your camera shooting underwater , will not let your
camera intake water within this limit, so you can capture
vivid images underwater.
Waterproof case can use with some accessories, such as
camera connection: selfie stick, tripod, bicycle stand, suction cup, etc.
ONLY .. $ 20.38

Action Camera Underwater Go Pro 5 Protective Case Mount

Action Camera Underwater Go Pro 5 Protective Case Mount


  1. 1.High Strength PVC Material, 45M Underwater Waterproof, Dustproof, Shockproof
  2. 2.Built with standard quick release mount, long screw, easy to attach other accessories
  3. 3.High quality high transmission tempered glass lens, AF, AR dual coating, easy to clean and scratch proof
  4. 4.Perfectly use the camera 45m underwater, ideal for scuba diving, snorkeling, swimming, ect. sport activities
  5. 5.Full body waterproof protect your camera from water, perfect fits for your Go Pro Hero 7 6 5 black edition Action Camera
You wouldn't believe it was priced at  $ 21.98

And if you want to take professional photos above and below the water surface, you need a dome.

DOME Diving Case for GoPro Hero 8 Underwater Mask Lens Hood Protection

DOME Diving Case for GoPro Hero 8 Underwater Mask Lens Hood Protection

1、Integrated Structural Design: Half in the water and half in the sky, a good tool for the water surface- for TELESIN hero8 water lens hood.
2、Quality Material: The water mask can extend the distance between the lens and the water by about 30mm/1.18in to make the picture clearer. The plexiglass material has a light transmittance of 93%.
3、Practical for Use: With 180° large wide angle, it can genuinely restore the picture taken by the sports camera.
4、Convenient to Use: The underwater shooting tool can be waterproof to a depth of about 30m/98.43ft. The thickened motherboard bottom plate has better waterproof performance, and the anti-skid buoyancy handle is more convenient to use.
5、Easy to Store: The lens water mask is easy to store and can be loaded into a suitcase and can be taken on board.

You can find this amazing dome at Phoclousto .. $ 55.36

As for DSLR cameras, and for more professional work, you need to take your camera with you on the diving trip

3 . Underwater camera housing

Here .. the camera must be covered with special types of protection.

The specifications of these protections change from one type to another, and thus the price will surely change.

For example … you just need a bag to put your cameras in.

Yes … it exists … and it is highly efficient in insulation

Underwater Housing Case Pouch Dry Bag 

Underwater Housing Case Pouch Dry Bag


  • Waterproof 20m
  • Waterproof SLR Camera cover, dust, sand, snow and wind proof, waterproof, anti-acid and alkali.
  • The camera into the waterproof cover, do not affect the film quality.
  • The waterproof cover allows you to comfortably operate the machines function.
  • Waterproof cover on the back of a transparent design, easy to use camera function and enjoy photos.
  • Hanging provide neck protection. Three insurance airtight seal.
  • Is no need to worry about falling into the water, you can float.
  • The waterproof cover allows you to operate various functions, and prevent your camera from damaging and breaking.
  • Professional soft TPU+PVC material, anti-pull, buffer and a good protection function.
  • Compatible with: most of SLR cameras like Canon, Sony, Nikon, Sigma, Tarmon, Olympus, Fujifilm and Pentax. $ 13.64

But if you want protection with which you can control your camera and all its buttons, then here you need something different

For Sony A9 / A7 III A7R3 A7RIII A7III A7M3 / A7 II A7II A7M2 A7SII A7RII / A7 A7R A7S Underwater camera housing Diving Case

Underwater camera housing Diving Case
Underwater camera housing Diving Case

Underwater 40m Photography Antiseep Case for Nikon Dive Housing

Underwater 40m Photography Antiseep Case for Nikon Dive Housing

Product Parameters

Material: PC, Opital glass, EPDM rubble, O-ring

IP Level: IPx 8

Diving Depth: Max 40meters (130ft)

Work Temperature: 0-40 degree

Now on sale $ 583 shop now

Underwater Camera Housing Case Bag for Canon 550D T2i

Underwater Camera Housing Case Bag for Canon 550D T2i


  • Good tightness, high mechanical strength, to protect your camera
  • Dustproof, anti-staining fingerprint, easy cleaning
  • Transparent hard plastic material and waterproof, Clear view the camera information and control function.
  • “O” ring sealed with spring-loaded.
  • 1/4″tripod screw on the bottom
  • Material: Polycarbonate,Abs plastic,clear plate glass,Stainless steel,EPDM rubber
  • With this special design case,every key of inside can be pressed to control freely as you want.

At Phoclousto .. $ 662.49

And for 360 photography fans, you have this great protection

New Insta360 ONE X Venture Case Waterproof Housing

New Insta360 ONE X Venture Case Waterproof Housing


Shooting in 360 underwater is notoriously difficult due to the refraction of light as it goes through the water, which makes the stitching process that created 360 video more difficult. What makes the Insta360 One – Action camera a bit different, however, is its re-framing feature called “Free Capture”. With this waterproof housing for the Insta360 ONE Action Camera, it allows you to use your 360 footage to create a traditional flat video, so you can avoid seeing the stitching line at all. This could be an awesome way of shooting video underwater without worrying about where to point the camera, which is often difficult when you’re submerged.

At Phoclousto $ 58

In this article we are talking about some options for products that specialize in underwater photography only.

As for the technical aspects and photography tips to get great pictures or a video full of excitement, suspense and beauty, we will mention it in another article in order not to prolong this article.

4 . Underwater photography lighting

Now … we’ll mention some types of special lighting for underwater photography

Go Pro 30m Diving Led Flash Light

Go Pro 30m Diving Led Flash Light

1. Portable waterproof video light

2. Multiple lighting 3 modes

3. Wide angle beam

4. Integrated for GoPro mounting system

5. Waterproof to 35m.

6. 2 batteries placed into the light,extend lighting time 2 hours.350LM

7. Use For GoPro Hero 5 4/3+/3 and Xiaomi yi SJCAM… WIFI/SJ4000/SJ5000/sj5000plus/sj6000/sj7000/sj7000wifi Action Camera…

Only .. $ 34.39

12W SL-101 60 LED Lights Diving Camera

12W SL-101 60 LED Lights Diving Camera

1. The newly developed LED fill light has a simple and elegant appearance and is easy to carry.
2. Low power consumption and high brightness. It is a portable fill light specially designed for photographing and is suitable for different environments.
3. The fuselage comes with 1/4 standard screw hole for fixing the lamp body.
4.16:9 widescreen ratio design.
5. Use rechargeable lithium battery.
6. Support camera fill light.
7. Support manual button to adjust brightness.
8. Long life, energy saving, low power consumption, and environmental protection.

All these qualities at a great price  $ 31.33

300W Profession LED Diving Flashlight IPX8 Waterproof level

300W Profession LED Diving Flashlight IPX8 Waterproof level

Underwater lighting distance: 100 meters – 150 meters
Lighting position: high light / medium light / low light / red light / red flash / blue light / red and blue flashing
Lens material: 6mm double coated hard PC glass

Read specifications for this professional underwater light click here

Flash Camera Ring Light Speed Underwater 40m

Flash Camera Ring Light Speed Underwater 40m

-This product is the newly developed LED waterproof light which with simple and elegant appearance designm max depth could reach 40 meters and suitable for different environments.

-It use high-brightness LED patchm, with the characteristics of high efficiency, energy saving and little light loss, so that the shooting is more realistic and more vivid.

-The shell adopts PC100 systhetic material and aluminum alloy, which has strong resistance to fall, heat, flame and flexibility. It can better protect the built-in lamp beads, prolong the lift-span

-A variety of lighting for different scenesm.

-When the battery voltage lower than 2.6v, the ring light automatically turm off all functions to protect the battery from over discharge.

NOW.. on Sale $ 223.95 shop now

5 . Underwater photography accessories

You will say: How will I carry the lighting and the camera while maintaining the image stability ..

Do not worry .. Phoclousto selects for you the best products to meet your needs, even screws, nails and couplings … at great prices with free shipping service.

Diving Mask Anti-Fog

Diving Mask Anti-Fog
[HD diving glasses] imported waterproof silicone + professional high transmittance tempered glass, super wide field of view. Elastic headband, easy to wear without hanging hair, ultra-wide shatter-resistant mask, 180 ° field of view, impact resistance, safer, can dive 10 meters. For Gopro / Mountain Dog / Little Ant Action Camera

Tempered glass lens with anti-fog coating for clear view underwater.
Comfort fit silicone skirt and nose part for leak-proof fit.
Adjustable anti-slip double head straps fix on head firmly.
Polycarbonate frame for durability.
Includes a mount for your sport camera.
Perfect for snorkeling and recreational swimming.
Non-toxic silicone mouthpiece and purge valve provide comfort.
Dry top eliminates water entry when submerged.
Adjustable quick-release buckle.
Flexible silicone tube for smooth breath underwater.

At Phoclousto .. Underwater photography accessories $ 30

BGNing Upgraded Diving Dual-Hand 

BGNing Upgraded Diving Dual-Hand 

BGNing Upgraded Diving Dual-Hand Photography Bracket Slr Motion Camera Stable Underwater Photography Tray Portable Grip BracketAluminum Alloy Dual Handheld Diving Adjustable Bracket Kit for GOPRO for DJI Osmo action and other sports cameras, micro-single, SLR camera waterproof case, including Canon, Sony, Nikon, Panasonic, Olympus etc.. $ 36.22

Dual Handle Aluminum Alloy Underwater Camera Housing Tray Stabilizer

Dual Handle Aluminum Alloy Underwater Camera Housing Tray Stabilizer

This stabilizer set is suitable for all Seafrogs and Meikon camera housing, and also suitable for most of camera waterproof housing which has 1/4 screw at the bottom of case. $ 184

Some accessories that you will never tire of searching for.

1” Ball Adapter with 1/4″ Screw Dual Holes Ball

1” Ball Adapter with 1/4″ Screw Dual Holes Ball

This 1″ Ball adapter is used to mount an underwater housing, camera or other equipment that has 1/4″” inch screw hole at the bottom when you need to extend with other device.The ball base adapter made of high quality CNC aluminum alloy.The o-ring in the balls of the arms eliminates the metal to metal contact.This allows a much more linear clamping force, allowing you to control the arm movement when used with small or large strobes even in varying current conditions.Ball adapter designed with a 1” ball head and a 1/4” screw.Ball head base adapter suitable for diving housing or other accessories with 1/4” screw hole.The ball head fits is compatiable to all arm systems that have a ball diameter of 25mm or 1 inch. $ 36.49

Dive Tray Handle Grip Bracket with M5 Ball Head Adapter

Dive Tray Handle Grip Bracket with M5 Ball Head Adapter

Scope of application: The accessory with 2pieces M5 Removable Ball Head Adapter is suitable for dual-hand photography bracket.

The two handheld distances of the bracket need to be between 270~360mm and there is a threaded hole of M5 for the installation of accessories.

Product Features:

This accessory board has M5, M6, 1/4″ screw holes, which can expand the demand for more accessories $ 40.25

Diving YS Flex Joint Arm System

Diving YS Flex Joint Arm System

This YS Flex Arm is 360 degree rotatable, and helpful for adjusting diving accessories angle freely. 1/4 inch screws of YS Flex Arm can fit to most of housing stabilizers, divers can make combination according their need.

Always at Phoclousto land $ 35.20

At the conclusion of this pleasant excursion .. We hope that we have given you what you want information on the equipment needed to take the photography to underwater.

See you soon

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