One evening in Uskudar

It was evening. The autumn weather was cold when I got to Uskudar, a beautiful city on the Asian bank of the Bosphorus.

     The place is crowded as usual .. especially in the evening ..
      My Sony camera a6000 do not leave me .. Since I received it from shipping ..

Suddenly ..
     A fireworks show went right in front of me.
     Lot’s of colors and reflections on the surface of the water with the darkness of the night mixed with the lights of buildings and towers ..
     And I started taking pictures

      In fact ..
 I was amazed by this small silver camera .. light weight ..
     And I got great shots ..


  So, I greeted my friends in Phoclosto sharing these photos and thanking them for this wonderful store.
     And share with them some other photos I took with the Sony a6000
     I also bought the silver camera with the 16-50mm Lens 24.3MP Silver at a great price of $ 400 from Phoclousto .

a6000 SONY – Phoclousto

     What I liked about Phoclostuo is the easy access to what I am looking for, with easy navigation between the brands I love and I like to follow their news .. and products
     Another thing I like about Phoclousto is their attention to detail, especially accessories, spare parts, studio equipment and everything related to audio and video.
     Once again .. I say : Thank you Phoclousto
     Keep ..

     Your loyal friend from Istanbul

Bilal Numan

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