Newborn Photography

Newborn Photography ..

Here comes the moment that the parents are waiting for … they are very tired, imagining and dreaming.
How beautiful our son or daughter’s voice will be … when he screams and raises his voice loudly announcing his arrival …
who does he look like? what is his first expression? What is the shape of his toes? … what is the shape and color of his neck?

focus on the eyes

And many other details that parents like to keep and remember every once in a while.
Of course, photography is now much easier and faster than in the past .. and it is available to everyone ..
Getting photographic equipment has become easy.

But ..
These moments that I so desperately want to keep will not be repeated.
This means .. that I must be ready and fully aware of the art of taking wonderful and beautiful photos, just like the beauty of my child.

Newborn Photography ..

First and foremost, it is essential to preserve the child’s safety … and not endanger him or even disturb him in order to take a picture.

Ensure that the child has slept well and was breastfed, and the nappy was changed immediately before taking pictures.
(Photographing children sleeping quietly also gives us beautiful pictures)

The natural light coming from the window is a key factor in the success of the image (avoid the window being above the child’s head or under his feet, because it will result in unwanted shadows in the image).

The background color of the photo should be in harmony with the natural color of the child’s skin.

Take pictures of the face only, then the face with the arms and chest, then take a full picture.

Try to focus on the eyes, because eyes always remain the most important element in any image.

Take a tour around the shooting location to know the direction of the sun and choose the right place and time for work

Avoid bright colors from appearing in the picture, and avoid giving your child positions that are not compatıble with his innocence .. because the image loses its most beautiful thing, which is: childhood innocence.

Before taking a photo, make sure to adjust the lighting and color tones .. and finally press the shoot button.
Photography of newborns differs from photographing older children, with a fundamental difference, which is that the child here is very less mobile.

Newborn Photography ..

Your camera and lens will do the job … or even your mobile phone … You may achieve the results you want if you can control the lighting of the place.

Enjoy your time … and get the child inside you to do the work.

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