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Product photography .. In a previous article, we explained how photography, design and drawing are related to the nature of the photographer and the painter, and it is impossible to hide the photographer’s thinking, view of things and his balance to define beauty.
This must be reflected in his work ..

So ..
I find a lot of fun and entertainment and I do my work by filming .. because I present my ideas and style to people; I tell a short story of the scenes.

Today, we will talk about product photography. It is a very wide field with branches and specialties, depending on the purpose and purpose of the picture.
You should know the purpose of the desired imaging work before you start planning and thinking.

Is it a road advertisement ..?
Or for a catalog ..?
Or an advertisement on social media ..?

product photography

Road Advertising

Road Advertising:

Road advertising has a very special feature and it is that you have to communicate your idea to the viewer in less than 3 seconds .. Yes 3 seconds .. This is the period during which the driver or passenger will see the advertisement while passing next to the advertisement. This ad must stay in mind and memory for the longest period possible .. So .. It depends on the idea, very few words, and choosing colors accurately, smart and strong.

these images must be in a white background with lighting control to get the clearest picture

Catalog photography:

Here we need the main product image + a variety of product images from different angles to show the product clearly to the customer, and these

images must be in a white background with lighting control to get the clearest picture.

The main image of the product must include a distinctive idea.

And here .. You will find a lot of fun in this work by using various tricks which you will learn and master with the passing of days and increased experience.

Here we need the main product image + a variety of product images

Photography for social media:

Look at the people .. They look at their mobile all day long .. You find them flipping through their mobile very quickly .. They are looking for something that draws their attention .. an image .. Or a word .. or the title of a subject …

Photography for social media

The content of the subject must be very important and very short .. It provides a lot of information with the least number of words .. With a lot of wonderful and entertaining pictures ..

So it was necessary to take these things into account when portraying products for the purpose of presentation on social media.

Do not rush to take the picture ..
Do not take too many pictures ..
Do not rely on software and applications to modify the image to raise the quality of the image ..

Of course, your image will need some adjustments to the programs to modify images, but .. Do not depend on applications for your work.

Product Photography .. Think well .. and contemplate a lot in nature and in people’s lives and habits, and what they like and what they hate ..

Let your work be respectful and respect people’s taste, outlook and opinion in beauty.
All that we have said applies to the portrayal of all products .. whatever they are..
Whether the product is a car or accessories, or an electronic device, medical or agricultural equipment or …….

Product Photography
Good work depends on a good idea.
This good idea comes when you work precisely. Precision is then achieved when you care about all the details.

product photography
product photography
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                                                                                     A . Noman

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