I love photography..

Together we follow our steps to achieve our dreams ..
We studied .. and learned ..

Now, we have a lot of ideas that we want to see put into reality before our eyes.

We agreed that we would not buy the expensive equipment at this stage. We will look for a choice that can meet our needs for the best results at the lowest price.

You should have chosen during your studies the area you want to work with.

Do you enjoy nature photography?
The sky at its different times with all its wonderful colors – trees – leaves – flowers – seas and rivers – deserts with all the magic and magic of photography – birds – wild animals – marine life …. etc.

products photography

Do you like to work with products?
Which products do you prefer: food, clothing, electronics, cars, furnishings, shoes, etc.

Cooking photography

Pediatric imaging and neonatal imaging
Cooking photography and preparation of food

photography ancient monuments

Photography of modern cities or ancient monuments
Pet photography
Video shooting and advertising production

Photography for YouTube
Imaging inside the studio or shooting abroad

You must define your goal and specialty in photography that you believe you will create.

To carry out any work in this field .. we need equipment for pictures, sound and lighting.

1- Picture:
You can start with a mobile camera. If your mobile has full HD feature – HD alone will not give you the picture you want – and you will need a small tripod to hold and install the mobile when taking pictures.

Or you can start with Nikon D60 or Canon EOS 700 D.
We need a camcorder camera for videos …

Lens: Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 STM or Nikon AF-S Nikkor 50mm 
This will meet a lot of your needs.

2- Lighting:
You will need a green background and soft box for lighting.

3- Sound :
Of course .. Sound is important for those who work on the implementation of videos, whether abroad or in the studio the microphone must be able to capture pure sound..

In our next meeting, we will begin to detail each area of photography separately and the most important elements that characterize it .. with common mistakes mentioned in order to avoid them.

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