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The new Canon DIGISUPER 95 TELE long-zoom HD field lens features the longest focal length1 and lightest weight1 in its class and outstanding optical performance, making it ideal for sports telecasts and other outdoor broadcasting applications.

The DIGISUPER 95 TELE is the telephoto-version model of the DIGISUPER 95, which has garnered high acclaim from professionals in the industry. Like the DIGISUPER 95, the new long-zoom HD field lens features a 95x zoom ratio and amazing optical and image-stabilization performance, all while achieving the lightest body design1 in its class and a focal length range from 12.4 mm at its widest angle to a class-leading 1178mm2 at the telephoto end.

Realizing superb imaging performance throughout the entire zoom range, the DIGISUPER 95 TELE incorporates the latest large-diameter aspherical lens technologies and optical materials technologies, making use of fluorite and UD (Ultra-low Dispersion) lens elements. Furthermore, Canon’s proprietary optical design technologies make possible the optimal positioning of these lens technologies to effectively correct for various aberrations, including chromatic and spherical aberrations as well as curvature of field, helping to deliver high-resolution imaging performance from the center to the peripheral areas of the image field. In addition to realizing an extended focal length at the telephoto end, the new long-zoom HD field lens employs Canon’s proprietary Optical Shift Image Stabilizer (Shift-IS), enabling the capture of stable, clear video with minimal image blur.

Despite offering a 95x zoom ratio and extended telephoto capabilities, the Canon DIGISUPER 95 TELE weighs approximately 23.2 kg, making it the lightest lens1 in its class. By maintaining the same weight and length (approximately 610 mm) as the DIGISUPER 95, the new broadcast lens offers outstanding operability and reliability.

1. Among broadcast field zoom lenses offering a zoom ratio greater than 80x as of September 12, 2014. 2. When the internal extender is not in use (when set to 1.0x).

The new Canon DIGISUPER 95 TELE long-zoom HD field lens features the longest focal length1 and lightest weight1 in its class and outstanding optical performance, making it ideal for sports telecasts and other outdoor broadcasting applications


  • Ultra Telephoto Capability The DIGISUPER 95 TELE is the telephoto version of the existing DIGUSPER 95. The DIGISUPER 95 TELE features a focal length of 1178mm (2356mm with 2x Extender), currently the longest in the industry.
  • Maintained Size and Weight from the standard DIGISUPER 95 Regardless of extending the focal length to the utmost limit, the DIGISUPER 95 TELE has maintained its size (610mm in length) and weight (23.2kg) from the Standard DIGISUPER 95 and is one of the lightest lenses in its class.
  • Superb Optical Performance excellent Canon’s design and production technologies have been refined through more than 50 years of advanced R&D and extensive experience in broadcast lens development. The past decade especially has seen dramatic advances in powerful new 3D optical design tools, glass materials, and optical coatings. Canon’s use of computer-based 3D optical design techniques and contemporary optical technologies help to allow the DIGISUPER95 TELE lens to provide a wide angle of view, a high zoom ratio, and outstanding overall optical performance. Canon’s proprietary large-diameter aspherical lens technology and new glass materials effectively counter lateral chromatic aberration, monochromatic aberrations, and geometric distortion that have always been the particular challenge of large focal-length ranges. Reduction of these aberrations further enhance the resolution and contrast in a manner that contributes to the capture of images having superb picture sharpness across the 16:9 HD image plane.
  • CAFS (Constant Angle Focusing System) 32-bit CPU calculates and controls the zoom when focusing to counteract “breathing” (phenomena where picture size/ angle of view changes when focusing) and has almost zero zoom effect.
  • Advanced Image Stabilization System A persistent problem for telephoto lenses is image blurring at long focal lengths caused by the wind or slight vibrations transmitted through the stadium stand or tower. To help minimize this sort of image blurring, the DIGISUPER 95 TELE comes standard equipped with an improved optical shift-type image stabilizer. When the sensor inside the lens detects a vibration, the compensating optics are shifted at high-speed to instantly deflect the light rays in a direction that can cancel out the vibration’s effect on the image. The DIGISUPER 95 TELE ‘s new sensor provides improvements to Canon’s image-stabilization performance.
  • Excellent Operability The DIGISUPER 95 TELE offers outstanding tracking capability due to its high-resolution encoders to faithfully reproduce the camera operator’s intended movements, whether a slow zoom or a preset sequence. The DIGISUPER 95 TELE x, despite its powerful specs, is similar in size and weight to the DIGISUPER 95 TELE, making it perfectly viable for panning and tilting.
  • Support for Many Virtual Systems The DIGISUPER 95 TELE is equipped with high-performance zoom, focus, and iris encoders. With multiple support for encoder outputs, analog outputs, and serial outputs, the DIGISUPER 95 TELE can work with many kinds of virtual systems. It easily adapts to existing virtual systems because it comes standard equipped with 20-pin lens interface.


Product Category

Field Lens

Product Series

DIGISUPER 95 (XJ95x8.6B)

Image Composition

Aspect Ratio


Zoom Ratio


Focal Length Range


Focal Length Range with 2x Extender

24.8 – 2356mm

Angular Field of View

42.3˚x24.6˚ at 12.4mm
0.47˚x0.26˚ at 1178mm

Angular Field of View with 2x Extender

21.9˚x12.4˚ at 24.8mm
0.23˚x0.13˚ at 2356mm

Optical Brightness

Maximum Relative Aperture (F-Number)

1:2.5 at 12.4 – 491mm
1:6.0 at 1178mm

Maximum Relative Aperture (F-Number) with 2x Extender

1:5.0 at 24.8 – 982mm
1:12.0 at 2356mm

Scene Composition

MOD From Front of Lens

3.0 Meters

Scene Object Dimensions at MOD

209.5×117.8cm at 12.4mm
2.3×1.3cm at 1178mm

Scene Object Dimensions at MOD with 2x Extender

104.8×58.9cm at 24.8mm
1.2×0.7cm at 2356mm

Physical Attributes


9.9in. (250.6mm)


10.0in. (255.5mm)


24.0in. (610.0mm)


51.1lbs (23.2kg)

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