Airpeak S1

Better Integration for More CreativityThe Airpeak system enhances creativity for a seamless drone experience, Airpeak S1 is supported by a remote controller, an app and cloud service which work together to create a high-performance aircraft system.

From piloting and camera work to flight programming and data management, the Airpeak system is comprehensive and easy to use.

Airpeak S1

Elevating Creativity

Combining our imaging and sensing technological expertise and AI Robotics,
we open the skies into an infinite creative playground – one with unprecedented freedom.

Let us lift you to never-reached creative experience by unleashing all constraints and barriers

Field Testing at Iriomote Island, Okinawa

We have continued with field testing Airpeak in different environments, and in this issue would like to share video footage from field testing in Okinawa’s Iriomote Island. Footage was recorded using the recently announced 35mm Alpha™ E-mount FE14mm F1.8GM lens, and taking advantage of the ultra wide-angle lens, we were able to capture the dynamic natural landscape of Iriomote Island.

Airpeak S1

Iriomote Island is a national park located about 2,100 km south west of Tokyo, and is covered mostly by subtropical jungle. The island’s untouched beauty makes it both an ideal spot for shooting with a drone, and a location with tricky flying conditions. During our field testing, we experimented with different types of flying conditions.

For example, we flew the drone over the top of a waterfall and out past the basin to test Airpeak’s capabilities when there is a difference in height, and also flew the drone through a mangrove forest to test how it would operate in situations where it could be difficult to pick up GNSS signals. The data and information we get from testing helps us to improve flight safety and stability.

Powerful Flight PerformanceWith a max speed of 55.9mph (25m/s)*, maximum angular velocity of 180°/s* and attitude angle up to 55°*, Airpeak S1 offers incredible creative freedom for dynamic professional aerial imagery.

Powerful Flight Performance

With a max speed of 55.9mph (25m/s)*, maximum angular velocity of 180°/s* and attitude angle up to 55°*, Airpeak S1 offers incredible creative freedom for dynamic professional aerial imagery.

Dedicated Propulsion Device and Flight Controller

Airpeak S1’s propulsion system is designed by Sony engineers to achieve maximum flight performance and energy efficiency. The powerful yet lightweight brushless motor optimizes 17-inch propellers for maximum power and minimum energy loss, and the Electric Speed Controller (ESC) is carefully designed to regulate the whole system for peak efficiency. By integrating this propulsion system to the information from the sensors, it realizes increased stability and highly responsive flight control.

Stable Flight in High Winds

The propellers, motor and ESC that make up the flight propulsion system, combined with the dedicated remote controller have achieved optimal wind resistance. Airpeak S1 can withstand wind speeds as high as 20m/s*, and can maintain stable flight in erratic upper-level winds and strong low-level canyon and coastal winds.

The Smallest Drone in its Class for Alpha mirrorless cameras

With a custom-designed powerful motor and compact frame, Airpeak S1 is capable of carrying a camera system (including gimbal) of up to 5.5lbs (2.5 kg). Fully compatible with Alpha series full-frame mirrorless cameras, Airpeak S1 opens up the possibilities for professional creators.

Diverse Options for Cameras and Lenses

Airpeak S1 is compatible with a huge range of cameras and lenses, allowing creators to choose the perfect setup for their needs. Powerful low-light cameras like the α7S series or FX3 leverage high sensitivity with stability to capture vivid images even in dark conditions. High-resolution cameras like the α7R series can achieve aerial imagery of outstanding quality, with huge potential for commercial and industrial applications. α9 series will capture high quality images with ultimately low distortion, and α1can shoot in the air with 8K quality. For lenses, Airpeak S1 is compatible with select E-mount prime lenses. You can match the best model for your application.

Exclusively made Gremsy Gimbals

As a dedicated accessory for Airpeak S1, there is Gremsy gimbal “T3 for Airpeak” that is compatible with Alpha series cameras. Once the gimbal is connected, the quick release mechanism allows for easy attachment. And the temperature controlled IMU allows for accurate control of the gimbal in any temperature.*

*: Gremsy gimbal parameters may need to be calibrated when using certain camera and lens setups.

Aircraft and Equipment Management with “Airpeak Flight” app

“Airpeak Flight” is a mobile app for comprehensive monitoring and management of the aircraft, remote controller, camera, and gimbal. From checking flight distance and battery usage, to adjusting camera settings, the app is designed to optimize the flight experience. Airpeak Flight is fully compatible with Alpha full-frame mirrorless cameras, allowing for camera adjustments during flight. “Airpeak Flight” can be used both with manual and automated flight modes. During the “Mission Flight mode”, the app can be used to confirm the route, execute the mission, check the status of the aircraft, and monitor the equipment.

Flight and Equipment Organization with “Airpeak Base”

Airpeak S1

“Airpeak Base” is a web app used to efficiently organize drone projects, from flight planning and flight log organization, to reviewing equipment status and usage. Use the app to plan a detailed flight route, download flight logs from the aircraft to view data on past flights, or create a new flight plan from past flight logs.

“Airpeak Base” can also be used to view the equipment status and usage logs, and set up error warnings and maintenance reminders, to reduce the risk of unexpected problems on site. Separate accounts can be set up for managing the aircraft ensuring better security.

Automatic Return to Home

Airpeak S1

“Return to Home (RTH)” will automatically activate if the battery is low or the signal is lost, bringing the aircraft safely back to the home point. And if the return route has restricted airspace or obstacles, the aircraft can automatically calculate a bypass route. The “Return to Home” feature is also convenient to bring the aircraft safely back to the home point at the end of an aerial imagery project.


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