A picture tells a story ..

By A.Noman

A picture tells a story ..
Drawing, painting and design is connected to the nature and personality of its designer. An artist introduces himself and tells his story through his picture. He will not be able to hide his thoughts and feelings from everyone who sees his work.

The concept of beauty varies from country to country, time to time, and person to person. However the artist is still able to win the admiration of everyone who sees his image .. the viewer sees an elegant work that reflects the artist’s taste and sense of humanity..

Let’s take for example a beautiful written piece: it would express the theme to the reader with the least number of words and without the need of repeating. While a beautiful picture would attract the attention of the young before the old leaving a deep impression as the intrigued viewer looks on without fatigue or boredom, and finds harmony and smoothness.

Phoclousto .. is more than just a shop to display and sell photographic equipment ..
Phoclousto .. is the place where you can find everything you need to get that great picture ..

A well-written story that can be read through its fine detail and imagery.

One thought on “A picture tells a story ..

  1. Rabie Diarbakerli says:

    Very thoughtful. I appreciate the natural art ( God’s creation). I see perfection that no mankind can ever creat.
    I love observing sunsets, especially on the beach. It reminds me that there is a sunrise on the opposite side. And soon, the sunrise will apprear over me again.

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