5 steps to be a professional photographer ..

Yes .. You love photography .. And look enthusiastically and passionately at those who work professionally in this field.. But ..

Do you think they have reached this level just because they like photography and enjoy entering this new world ..

Your dream might be .. to set up your own studio, or your dream might be to get a job as a professional photographer.
Whatever your dream is, there are 5 steps you must take to achieve your dream to present yourself as a professional photographer.

Let’s start:
1 • Acquire knowledge .. Learn this specialized field in a well-known institute, and increase your knowledge by reading books on this subject.
2 • Developing talent. This is done by observing professional photographers, exploring pictures and films, paying attention to detail, following up actions that respect and elevate human taste, and avoid acts that are offensive to others because you will present your work to all people and not to a specific category.
3 • Get some equipment for training .. Do not choose the most expensive equipment during this period (either camera or accessories), there is equipment for beginners, and you can start out and learn your way with it .. (Be sure to know that this equipment will hold a special place in your heart).
4 • Do not talk too much .. but .. Be patient and listen to the experienced.
5 • Be bold .. Trust yourself .. And take your first step ..

5 steps to be a professional photographer

Notes :

  • Take your time thinking and planning .. In the end, do what you planned and thought about because starting abruptly can expose you to costly mistakes and disappointment.
  • Select your goal .. Do you want to work in the field of photography only or video shooting also..
  • Study of the material prescribed in the Institute is not enough, outside readings are needed to acquire more information and cultural experience.

In our next meeting we will talk about starting to establish your studio.. What do you need? What is the purpose of each piece in the studio?..

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